Traditional ways of presenting information has taken a back seat and new media has enhanced the way we present and send messages in various different mediums.  Multimedia enhances your messaging by creating a visual image for your reader.  Rather than focusing on incorporating a large portion of writing that describes your feelings or understanding of a matter, by incorporating a multimedia element to your writing you will increase the likability of your content (Smith, 2013).

I believe that incorporating Multimedia within your piece of writing such as blogs or websites is important because it allows your reader to easily follow what you are expressing within your material.  Simple media content such as images, slideshows,videos and basic audio clips, can serve as multimedia tools that are easily interpreted and can make for great transitioning pieces (Smith, 2013). If one incorporates media that is to difficult to navigate it will force the reader to lose interest just as much as they would if they were reading a piece that was wordy and lacked connectivity.

Some examples of multimedia tools are:


A youtube video including multiple multimedia examples.


Smith, M. (2013). Why Multimedia Blog Content is Good for your Site. Retrieved From:

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